Terms & Conditions

The prices displayed on our website are correct to the best of our knowledge. Prices of courses and experiences may vary throughout the year. In the event of an order being placed against an accidental incorrect price, we will endeavour to inform the purchaser of the error within 7 days of the purchase being made, we will allow the purchaser to either cancel the booking or choose to pay the additional difference in price.

Where the duration of a course or experience is mentioned on our website and marketing material or by a member of our staff this is an approximate guide to the length of time you should expect to be at the venue. The duration may vary slightly from venue to venue. When you are taking the course or experience as part of a group there may be some waiting time involved.

The courses we offer are weather dependent. If bad weather affects a booking it will be rescheduled by or us at no cost to you and there will be no refunds. There can be no guarantee that a particular date will not be withdrawn due to adverse weather conditions. In the event of cancellation, South Wales Kitesurfing will not be held liable for the cost of lost insurance premiums, travel expenses, pre-booked accommodation costs or any other costs incurred.

We ask you to leave plenty of time to get to the venue. Many of the courses and experiences we offer require a safety briefing it is essential that the participant attends the briefing otherwise they will not be able to participate. No alcohol or drugs can be consumed before any of the courses we offer. The staff reserve the right to refuse an activity to persons suspected to be under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs. Where the experience requires the wearing of safety equipment such as a crash helmet or a lifejacket this is mandatory and there are no exceptions. The professional instructors reserve the right to end an course or offer alternative tuition if they believe the participant may endanger themselves or other members of the public.

Refunds and Cancellations
Sometimes South Wales Kitesurfing has to cancel a course or for reasons beyond our or their control, such as the weather or mechanical breakdown, or because minimum requirements are not met such as a minimum group of people. We regret that such eventualities are outside of our control, in these circumstances, South Wales Kitesurfing is unable to refund, reimburse travel, accommodation or any other expenses you may incur in relation to the cancelled course or experience. South Wales Kitesurfing does not offer refunds but will offer extended period in which to re-run a course. We may also issue a credit note to be used on other goods. All credit notes will be made to the person who purchased the booking or equipment and the credit note will be refunded directly to them.

South Wales Kitesurfing will despatch your order within five working days of it being placed subject to stock levels. If we have run out of stock and can’t despatch your order within the next 2 working days, we’ll email or call you with a revised despatch date. You can then either accept the revised delivery date or cancel the order – as you wish